Quality goes beyond business

Quality goes beyond business

Areas of Specialisation

Progressive and proactive, dynamic and innovative, Synthokem is well on its way into a future full of both promise and fulfilment.

Chloromethylation Halogenations Hydrogenations
High Vaccum Distillations Racemisation Williamson Synthesis
Williamson Synthesis Frideral Crafts Acylation Esterification
Aldol Reaction Radical Bromination Drazens Reaction
Manufacturing Area Specifications
Delivering our value proposition throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Through our integrated manufacturing facilities equipped with high-end machinery and technologies spread across 3 locations.

Our manufacturing unit
& latest


Capabilities in a wide range of APIs/Intermediates having handled varied process reactions and high reactor volumes.

Benchmarking quality & Regulatory Affairs
Synthokem’s quality systems covers three key functional areas

Synthokem Labs follows excellent manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that ensure high-quality results. Our state-of-the-art analytical facilities monitor and maintain strict quality of our products, processes and services, consistently meeting Ph. Eur, USP and other national and international quality standards.

Quality Control

The Quality Control Laboratory is provided with qualified and well-trained personnel.
And equipped with sophisticated instruments to ensure product quality and consistency at various stage of product process.
Quality Control is responsible for all analysis undertaken at Synthokem.
Providing analytical support and training to customers during product /method development and validations.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is responsible for the implementation of integrated Quality Systems.
It harmonizes global quality and regulatory standards across the functions with a collective collaboration.

Quality Commitment

To maintain the highest quality standards for all Synthokem products.

To develop novel analytical methods for new products.

To maintain and monitor quality systems within Synthokem according to national and international quality standards.

To support customers with their technical and regulatory queries.

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